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As well as my 306 and the sisters we also have a yreg 806 with the 2l Hdi lump in it.
- The cruse control hasnt worked for the last year or so, but this weekend im taking car and trailer upto Edinborough from stafford so i thought i would see what might be up with it!

Checked the dead obvious of fuses being blown. But wondering if it might be a simple sensor issue that could be solved for £10 of any known other problems, wires/contacts to clean or wiggle or anything?

Presumably the cruise control links in with the ecu (fly by wire throtal anyway on the hdi isnt it) but also has sensors on the brake pedal, and presumably wheels. Unless it uses the speedo pickup (speedo works fine).

Dont know. Anyway, and thoughts or suggestions for Pug Cruise control issues welcome!!

Cheers, Daniel.
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