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Hi Guys,

Recently purchased a van model: 2014 SILVER PEUGEOT BOXER 435 PROFESSIONAL L4

I replaced the radiator + fans as it was in a smash at the front, bled the radiator etc replaced the thermostat, made sure it opens and closes etc.

The issue I am having is that I can't get the engine temp gauge to go any higher than half way (not 100% sure but i think half way is 90 degrees c?). I've purchased a brand new coolant temperature sensor (CTS) and dipped it in boiling hot water in an attempt to get the gauge to get past half way, also done it with the old one, but get the same results (half way only)

I've also tried bridging the connections that plug into the sensor (0 resistance) thinking that would cause the gauge to go to max temp (as the lower the resistance the CTS outputs the higher the temp) but actually done the opposite and didn't move one bit. I then bridged it with a 3k resistor (still only goes half way).

The reason I want to get the gauge to got past the half way spot is so I can get the radiator fans to kick in to ensure when the engine heats up they work. I've already tested the fans and they work (removed the CTS cable - with no bridging).

Anyone able to tell me how I can get this gauge to go past the half way point so the fans kick in and I know they will in the future? Also a side question, is the CTS the only sensor that effects the temp gauge?

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