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Hi all. My Peugeot Boxer van ( Camper van conversion ) keeps intermittently stalling.
It's a 1999 2 litre petrol engine. 270s i think.
It's in the garage right now but is proving difficult to diagnose.

It stalls/cuts out somedays at every junction you come to when breaking, foot on clutch usually, the revs are low, almost idling. Some days however it behaves and doesn't stall at all.
It can stall when engine hot or cold.

I've had some advise to try the ignition coil but would that only cause problems once the van was warm?
The garage are planning on looking at the throttle housing and checking the earths first.
We've already checked sparks and all electrical connections but this could all get prohibitively expensive.

Any other ideas or similar experiences out there. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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