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An answer to Japan's wacky show concepts, or the future of motoring? In fact Peugeot says its BB1 scooter car delivers mobility in today's crowded urban environments, as much as tomorrow's.
Just 2.5m long, the BB1 seats four in saddle-like seats. Its packaging miracle is achieved by rethinking the driving task. There are no pedals, so the driver sits more upright with the rear passenger's legs around the driver's torso, motorbike pillion-style.
Forget steering wheels, the driver uses handlebars to control the wee beast.
Luggage? There's a 160-litre boot with four aboard, or 855 with the driver alone.
Peugeot sought inspiration from quad bikes when planning the BB1's electric propulsion system, co-developed with tyre manufacturer Michelin. It uses a pair of 7.5kW/320Nm motors to power the rear wheels, with 0-30kph in 2.8 seconds, 30-60kph in four seconds, and a maximum speed for the brave of 90km/h, thanks to the massive torque, always plentiful from electric motors
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