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Hello guys and girls,

I'm a 806 HDi 16 Valve 2001 (RHW) owner from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I use this car since February 2010.
Last year the old engine broken, I exchange it with 807 HDi 2003 engine (RHW).
The new engine fitted perfectly.
The only problem is I just need to change the turbo and the vacuum pump. I also cleaned the radiator, intercooler and change the thermostat in the past 3 months.
Last month I use the car for a 1000 km drive, I runs perfectly, without any problem.
Then the problem arise last week, while I'm driving for my new year holiday with the family, the car starts having excessive heat while climbing.
The climb is not that steep, but quite lengthy, around 10-12 km. The car load is 7 adults and 1 toddler.
The car only able to climb with the 1st gear. The outside temperature around 25 deg Celcius.
Then the engine temperature starts to climb to 100 deg C.
Every time it reach 100 deg. I stop the car to allow the temperature to drop to 85 deg again.
All the cooling fan works normally, but my big concerns are why the car temperature get to 100 easily and why the car power is lacking while climbing.
While on the flat road, its accelerate perfectly.
Is there anyone can help me on this matters,

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