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Hi there if the 407 is not a brand new car it could be that both mirrors have been hit by another car at some point or just had a previous bad driver.

My 407 wing mirror was hit by another car and looked ok the only problem was the colour coded mirror trim was scratched and popped out of its clips, I clipped it back together and all seemed fine, until on the motorway and the mirror flexed very slightly backwards and forwards it was very annoying, I buffed out the scratch with t-cut and took it to the dealers, they replaced it under warranty as faulty :D, I did not tell the whole truth but they owe me with the poor service that I have received from them.

I looked for a way to fix the mirror housing but if you look close to the hinged part when the cover is off there is a small amount of plastic that breaks away and causes the flexing of the mirror, that said have you compared the wobble to another 407's mirrors as there is a small amount of flex to start with.

Hope this helps :thumb:
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