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I have a Problem with my 407 its in the work shop at the moment costing me big $$$$ de pollution sensor fault problem waiting for mechanic to give me a call its been in and out of the work shop same problem over the last 2 months, should of never bought 407, It's funny when I registered they showed a Toyota add on the forum that's what I have to buy, because this thing is sending me broke!!

I bought The car for my wife brand NEW!! straight of the shiny showroom flour!!

Vehicle Towed - DE Pollution Light on dash Rough Idle Internal Failure Of spark Plugs Replaced Spark Plugs And ciol packs - ROADTESTED OK

Key Blade Not Flipping IN or out - Internal FAILURE OF REMOTE KEY Assembly
Replaced remote key assembly reprogrammed tested OK


Stop LIGHT bulb FAULTY - HAVE BURNT EARTH TERMINALS REQUIRES REAR tail light bulb holders and adaption wiring to be fitted QUOTED $$$700

FOUND- Brake Switch Faulty in memory

Radio power Button INOP - Replaced Faulty

Engine light Displayed - INSPECT AND REPORT - Replaced Failed COIL PACK (again)

Fuel Gauge Not reading -is Reservoir Found and replaced leaking.......................

AND the list just keeps going on and on I don't have a full day to write this post

Problem with my 407 Peugeot Problems with Peugeot

DO you think peugeot head office will help with any of this I probably have spent BIG $$$$ in service fees ??? and the headaches o man never again another peugeot I tell every one I know to stay away from Peugeots Think I might start a blog title >> www Stay away from peugeots .com

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already been done karl, as in the site :lol: theres a few out there especially about the 307 :lol:

im surprised that the car is not covered under warranty if bought from dealer, brand long have you had it?
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