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Hi there,
I dont know if anyone out there can help. I have a 56 Reg Peugeot 407 2.0 hDi Automatic gearbox. A 6 speed, its called a AM6 gearbox. The fault is, when selecting from PARK into 'R' or 'D', sometimes only sometimes(lets same 1-2 times every 2 weeks), it comes up 'GEARBOX FAULT' on the sat nav screen and a orange traingle with '!' mark in the centre of the dashboard. In 'Drive' it is absolutely fine, gear changes are fine, NOT in defect mode, if you then push it over to manual mode it will do nothing. You can then switch the car off and lock it. Come back to it 10mins later and its all fine again.

I have taken it back to the garage I bought it from, they have changed the battery because the amp's were half they should be and changed the oil in the gearbox and checked the connections on top of the gearbox.They also came up with a fault code of (P2777) meaning: one-touch button + open circuit/postive short.

They have come up with possible faults, the valve chest or selector switch. Apartently the selector switch is in the gearbox computer. Its all part of the fault finding process I suppose but just wondered if any body else has had this problem.:confused:
Thanks for your time
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