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LAUNCHING a new model is always a gamble for a car maker, but introducing a model which is part of a family means the odds are stacked against you showing a winning hand.

Mitsubishi, Citroen and Peugeot joined forces to make a cross-over model which is built in Japan and sold as the Outlander, C-Crosser and 4007. The Outlander will also be made in the Netherlands in future, but the other twins will continue to be manufactured in Japan.

The Mitsubishi Outlander was launched with a VW two litre diesel engine but has now added the same 2.2-litre power unit which debuted in the Citroen and Peugeot stablemates.

Each is built to a budget and has been given a distinctive exterior and interior treatment to put it up against rivals, including its own twins, and I think the Peugeot 4007 tested here is probably the most rounded of the lot.

It looks and feels more substantial than the Outlander tested with the original 2.0 diesel engine and it’s not quite as avant garde as the C-Crosser but it retains the fish-mouth styling of the Peugeot brand.

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The powertrain is the strength of the Peugeot 4007, bringing good performance in terms of acceleration, cruising and economy to a body which will double up as a generous family hold-all or even a removal van thanks to its enormous space inside.

Depending on how many seats are used, luggage space rises from 184 litres to 1,686 litres as you move from five to two seats. Access is excellent to the loadbed or the cabin and once seated you have generous room to stretch out.

The SE or GT versions at under £23,000 or about £25,500 respectively simply differ in cloth or leather seats with parking sensors added and are otherwise almost identical apart from some trim options.

The seats are very well adjusting and supremely comfortable for all size users but I had a complaint from a shorter driver that it was difficult to move close to the wheel and pedals without hitting knees under the fascia.

You also need the parking sensors in my view as it’s a big vehicle with the corners out of sight and susceptible to damage as a result, particularly in supermarket lots with poles or metal barriers.

For a large vehicle it handles well, thanks to the steering and the brakes are strong and need only modest effort to effect rapid deceleration. The suspension soaks up everything even if you can hear how hard it’s working, and body roll is fairly well contained.

Secondary controls are clearly laid out and the instruments in line of sight, with a console carrying the heating and ventilation which worked well in the big cabin. Oddments space is good throughout for a family vehicle.

It’s not startling from standstill but it pulls eagerly and unhesitatingly once on the move and its mid-range punch is particularly impressive when overtaking. Motorway cruising is a very relaxed, long legged and economical situation.

The standard, easily selectable all-wheel-drive transmission means it will keep going with little driver intervention on wintry roads or when used in mild off-road conditions to recover a boat, small trailer or box unit.

If you can live with that fish-mouth front end, the Peugeot 4007 will turn up tails for a win.


Peugeot 4007 SE 2.2 HDi

Price: £22,790

Mechanical: 156bhp, 2,179, 4cyl diesel engine driving front or all four wheels via 6spd manual gearbox.

Max speed: 124mph

0-62mph: 9.9 secs

Combined mpg: 39.2

Insurance group: 12

CO2 emissions: 191g/km

BiK rating: 28%

Warranty: 3yrs/ 60,000, 3yrs paint, 12yrs anti-rust

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:lol: hi im new too these forums so pls be gentle wiv me, i could do with a few answers to some questions from anyone pls. im lookin too buy a new 4007 and wonder if anyone has one that tows a large twin axle caravan ? if so what is the ride like and how does it perform with the weight of a large van ? is the fuel consumption good or bad ? i at present own a sorento and im very pleased with it but i do like the pug 4007 ? :lol: if anyone can answer my questions that would be fab thks for any help i may get ?:thumb: :thumb:
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