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I am looking for some guidance with my Peugeot 308 please. I have read the various other posts in respect of battery charge etc. I will outline the circumstances below.

Car is 2011 1.6 ehdi model with eco stop start. Car originally broke down with broken auxillary drive belt tensioner. Before this there were no faults or problems. Car was driven as per advice from recovery agent for about 6 miles over two journeys. Car had numerous errors, electrical fault, risk of particle filter blockage. Mechanic fixed and replaced drive belt.

Car drives fine as normal apart from engine fault needs repair and eco is disabled. It won't turn on even when you push the button to activate it. Since this I have taken the car and had the battery replaced, however error and eco still disabled.

No fault codes appearing on torque using mini elm. Haven't been able to take the car for a long drive yet, has anyone come across similar. Thanks in advance.
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