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Engine temperature fault warning

Could anyone please advise on the following?
Struggling to get answers from mechanics in Melbourne Aust

"Engine temperature fault. Stop the engine" showing on the dash after warning ping sound and temperature dial swings to extreme right. The fans are not heard. The engine does not appear to be hot. After 45 seconds or so the temperature dial returns to normal (middle zone). Sometimes the temperature dial will not reset and the engine needs to turned off briefly to reset dial.
This issue does not occur when travelling on freeways at 100km/hr, only occasionally as i approach traffic lights or slow down at intersections. The issue may not occur for days of 100"s kms but then may occur after driving only 500 meters!
The temperature sensor has been replaced by Peugeot specialist a few days ago but the issue has immediately returned!
Please help/advise
Cheers Therese
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