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Peugeot 308 Auto Start up / Electrical Problem
Peugeot 308 S Auto 1.6 Petrol
I have recently fitted a new thermostat housing because it had cracked and were spraying out water. To do this i had to remove the battery and also the battery tray but since putting it all back together its not starting up there is 2 loud clicks which am guessing is the start motor. I have double checked and everything is connected and I have tried multiple battery and none of them made a difference.

Also i am using to get the car out of park as am guessing the auto gearbox has no power

I have plugged in a snap on computer and there are multiple fault code all relating to a electrical problem.

can anyone point me in the right direction on which fuses / relays i need to check? i have gone through all the fuses and all seem to be good.

Could it be a earthing problem?

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