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Well Met!

So I've got an issue with my 2010 Peugeot 308 forgive my lack of basic knowledge on cars i prefer computers.
Soon as i turn the engine on the fan will spin up to 100% and stay like that for a good 3-5 minuets after the engine is off. its been like this for a week or so and at this point i'm worried driving it will cause damage. i don't know if this is a temp sensor problem or anything. i'm basically hoping some good peeps here will be able to give me some advice. Should i just take it in to be looked at or could this be something i can fix myself with a coolant change/flush? (ill figure out how to do that with the power of google) or some other simple-ish fix. I added some water and antifreeze to the coolant res and the car lugged that down in seconds, i must of added a liter or so till it was up to fill line but the problem is still there, there is no leak.

If it was a coolant problem/block? wouldn't it still take a min to heat to the point of the fan hitting 100? It will go to 100% even if the car has been sat off all night and its basically instant.
The coolant its self is a slightly rusty color is that a problem or normal (again total car noob here) but it mite be fun to learn the basics that's why i'm here and not just taking it to be fixed.

Any help would be awesome or if you need more information let me know and ill get in on here.

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