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I'm having a nightmare - can anyone help?

About 8 weeks ago my front driverside window dropped into the door panel and wouldn't come up. Took it to a local garage who fitted a new right hand front door winding mechanism (without new motor) - he said something about pulley system. Anyway this now seems to be working BUT .....

The driver side passanger quarter window has now dropped. Took it to the same garage who said it is impossible to access and has to be taken somewhere special, a new part fitted and it will cost over €600 (our car is in Spain). OUCH!!! So as it was only down about an inch we said we would leave it for now (actually we had heard bad things about the garage so really wanted to take it for second opinion). So to do the other bits and we would collect the car.

When we get to the garage he says on the way back from getting the new tyres fitted he went over a speed ramp and the window went into the bodywork of the car and there is no way to access the piece of glass to lift it up again. Seems a bit strange as we had just declined having the work done and we have driven the car for a week (and over speed bumps) and this window wasn't budging (up or down).

So now I have no window as it is inside the bodywork and according to the garage impossible to get to.

I REALLY do not trust this garage (1 day after leaving the garage last time the air con needed complete re-gasing hmmmmm .... another co-incidence?)

So does anyone know how difficult this is and can offer advice?

Many thanks
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