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Hi, I have that 307 SW with Tiptronic. Here in it is called the facelift model but not sure if that is the same everywhere.

However I have tried to search for problems on my local peugeot forums but without luck. I have tried to get help from local mechanics even from Peugeot car shop without any luck.

I have one really irritating problem with my car. When I start it up and try to get moving the car wont move. It feels like it is trying but "chocking" and cannot get moving. Sometimes it stalls and sometimes after 5 to 10 seconds (feels like a minute) it can get going. It is even worse if I need to get going uphill. Both reverse and forward has the same symptom. It does not matter if it is cold outside or warm or even if the engine is warm or not. Same thing happens when I slow down to intersections and try to get moving again. But when I have enough speed the engine and car response really good. Only when I try to get moving or after enough slowing down and pushing the pedal nothing happens. After some second the car realizes that I want to go and it gets going.

It has only had one error on the screen around 1 year ago. Then I of course took it to the car shop for investigations but only thing they were able to find was error code P1629 Calculated Mechanical Friction/Actual Friction Correlation Error. But they had no idea what to do with that. And that was a Peugeot repair shop. The warning of course went away before I got there and has not shown after that but the car keeps acting like sleeping dog.

I have not found any similar problem in any of the forums so far. But here seems to be pretty talented persons replying so I am hopping I would get some idea what to fix on that car as no one knows.

Thanks for the help
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