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Last week after owning my citroen Picasso for 3 trouble free years, I replaced it with a Peugeot 307 sw 1.6 HDI, spured on by the arival of baby no 4 and needing the extra seat,

Where I live in the western isles, ( Isle of Barra) cars on the Island do not come up very often, i looked further afeild and stumbled upon a bargain, or so i thought

2004 307, with tax and mot until may next year for £700

With money being tight because of different reasons, I thought it may be worth a chance,

The car was in Oban , which is just a 5 hour ferry ride from Barra

I spoke to the owner and exchanged emails for well over a week,

He said the only thing he knew of was an injector seal, he explained that when driving back from Glasgow to Oban one day he noticed a whiff of diesel and a strange clicking noise under the bonnet,

Having spent many hours googling it , it appeared tgat the injector seals on the 1.6 HDI were a problem,

I went over , saw the car and took it for a deive and it was really nice, i took a good look over the car , and agreed to purchase and an hour later i was on the 5 hour ferry back to Barra,

Drove the car of the ferry and it was great, although there was a diesel smell coming from somewhere,

Got the car home and showed the wife and it got her approval, took her for a week ride out in it to the end of the road and back,

driving the car up the road, we noticed a puff of smelly white diesel smoke from the exhaust

My question, Is it deffinetley the injector seals or is it something more serious , with the puff of smoke

Any Help or advice would be appreciated


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