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Hello. i have a Peugeot 307 from 2001, 2.0 petrol engine EW10J4, i also have LPG on it. It's 3 weeks now since the problem started, my engine stops suddenly with no pattern, i mean that it doesn't matter if it is cold or at working temp,if it is reved up or not,if it is in gear or not,in every situation happend and it's not making all the time. This problem started at first only when i was running on LPG so i went to the service that installed it and in one week they changed almost my whole LPG setup (everything it's new,beside the tank). Before the last change...the LPG control unit...i ran for a week with the car only on petrol and had no problems, everything was perfect, they have changed the control unit from LPG and now the car makes the same problem but on petrol too.

The only error that show's up on tester is :

P0215 Engine Shutoff Solenoid Malfunction

This error didn't show until the problem appeared on petrol too.

I've done a little research and i only found this error on diesel cars, it's something from the injection pump that stops the flow of fuel, but nothing about petrol engine cars. What can it be?
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