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Hi Guys,

New to the forum....loving all the Peugeot love...and hate haha

I've got a 52 plate Peugeot 307 myself and had all the usual problems, timing belt, ABS sensors, anti pollution fault etc in the past.

The one area of car knowledge that I've always always struggled with is Spacers and Offset measurements and would love if someone can help with the below:

I've got my eye on a set of 18" alloys which are 4x108 and the size is 18x8 with an offset of ET38.

Having looked up the Offset for a peuegot 307 I've seen that the range is ET15-ET25.

Could someone help me understand what size spacers would be most appropriate for me but also maybe give me an opinion on whether the alloys will be sticking out slightly?

I think that the arches are quite wide so it won't be too bad but any help on this would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks! :)
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