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Hello everyone.
Some kms back I've started to notice a certain rougher engine behavior. I always attributed it to the DMF, or maybe a engine mount.

Today i decided to get a list of the errors on the ECU, as well as some live data pictures. And your help and advise if available.

Because they were so large, i published them to imgur.

Link: Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 110BHP 2003 - Album on Imgur

Error list:

P1448 - Particulate emission filter overloaded.
P1425 - intermittent fault catalytic converter downstream temperature signal(cat2).short circuit to positive or circuit open
P0571 - Intermittent fault, brake contact signal, coherence with the cruise control safety switch while driving
P0115 - Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Malfunction. <- Not sure if this was the text, i believe it as a short circuit to earth.

All of them intermittent.

While gathering live data, while the car was idling at 800ish rpm, i felt a sudden rpm boost. checking the parameters again, i found the engine at 900rpm, and the coolant temperature at -6 and varying.

I'm not a expert, but i believe i have 3 separate issues:

1. Brake switch damaged. (P0571)
2. Coolant temperature sensor unstable (P0115)
3. DPF Sensor giving away (P1448 and P1425)

1. True enough, sometimes my retrofired CC disengages randomly.
2. Indeed, I've had the coolant temp gauge jump to the red-line and the STOP light flashing.
3. I also checked DPF data (and forgot to take pictures) and apparently the last regen was 3km ago. The average between regens was 400km or near.

The issue that's really worrying me is the DPF. My avg consumptions went from 7 to high 8 or even 9 L/100km. I don't want a DPF perma-clogged, i would be forced to remove it and map it out and i'm not swimming in money.

The other two errors are probably easier and quicker to fix (replace brake pedal switch; replace temp sensor; Also replace thermostat and flush the coolant)

Any and all advice is very welcome :)

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with the older 2.0 hdi a gallorto lead can map out the dpf for you.

its a risk but i bricked my 1.6 hdi with it but it mapped my 2.0 hdi fine

the filters quite accessble on these. if you have no limp mode you can drill out the core and drive it but sooner or later it will see an issue

the temp sensors on these are cheap. brake switches are easy too:thumb:

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Hey monty9120! Thank for your time...

I already bought a galleto cable, but i'm scared to used, so it's a last resort.

The filter is bellow the car i believe, what i don't get is, where's the downstream (or upstream even) temp sensor? Are they in the housing of the CAT/DPF ?

I found a thread regarding P1425 in another forum, and the sensor swapped was behind the battery, but isn't that the Differential Pressure Sensor ?

I'm not in limp mode (at least yet) but if i must open the DPF, i'll remove it and map it out :)

Regarding the coolant temp switch, i need to flush that thing. I don't have the expertise (or the facilities for that matter) so i'll probably pay someone to do it for me...

Again, thank you for your input :)
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