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I recently bouugh a new 04 Peougeot Diesel HDI 1.4.

Severly problems have occured, first the light switch didnt work so I got a second hand one from a scrap yard but before I had this replaced I went to Dublin on the motor way and all of a sudden the car started to missfire and the engine light came on. After this I had the switch replaced which

A) knocked off the engine and antipolution warnings
B) caused the airbags waning faults to come on

I was told that the airbag warning had happended as the steering wheel had to be taken off to put on the switch. I got the car read by one of those car fault readers and the mechanic said that the car had 13 faults and 2 of them could not be deleted


Ive googled the two and the first one seems to be in relation to the air bag fault and the second I cant find. So the car was running fine again but I was only travelling at most 20min journeys and not exceeding speeds of 100km/hour.

Roll forward 2 weeks and I had to go to Dublin again, car started to missfire about 20mins into the journey but no antipoluttion fault or the engine light came up until the on the way home. Car kept missfiring really badly so the boyfriend told me to clutch in, turn off the engine (while still at 100kms) turn back on the engine clutch out, then lo and behold the lovely anti pollution warning came up on the middle screen and the cars engine light was on. When I even got back onto the normal roads and was doing 70kms it was still missfiring bad, say onece every 3mins.

So I read up loads on this and theres lots of different takes on it, some ppl have spent a lot of money in garages and still had the problem rear its ugly head again, so this is something I can definately not afford to happen.

Any ideas?

I read about, replacing some expensive valve, one person just had a hole in the exhaust system, diesel additives.

read thsi article which freaked me out

Please help!!
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