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Hi guys,

I have a problem with the dashboard of my 307 CC. It's a restyled 307 CC model, left hand drive, with a CAN bus KMH dashboard from JCAE.

The problem appeared, and it actually happened twice on two dashboards with exactly the same symptoms, after I connected the dashboard to a 12V power supply without CAN connection to the BSI and left it powered for at least a few seconds.

It seems that such power up, without CAN bus communication with the BSI, resulted in some sort of internal reset of the dashboard settings.
The dashboard is still almost fully functional, except for two details:

1. The engine oil temperature indicator (LCD inside the tacho clock) no longer works (remains blank). The presence of the oil temperature sensor is properly configured in the BSI config. If I execute test of this LCD from DiagBox, all pixels are lit, which excludes any hardware problem.

2. As it can be seen in the attached photo, the KMH speedo scale is not equally divided over entire range. Above 150KMH it becomes more "dense". The problem is that now the dashboard seems to have lost the information on this change in the scale density. Up to 150KMH the needle shows correct speed, but above 150KMH it continues as if the scale density hasn't changed (it shows much higher speed than the actual speed).

So far I was not able to find a solution to these two problems, as in the DiagBoax I don't see any option to configure the dashboard, and unfortunately I don't have any source of a "healthy" dashboard dump (EEPROM 95020) which doesn't suffer from those two problems (exactly the same thing happened on both KMH boards I have).

Does anybody know how to fix these issues or maybe has a healthy 95020 EEPROM dump from such KMH doashboard?

Though my dashboard is for a petrol car (tacho 0-8000RPM), a dump from a diesel KMH dashboard might also help me to identify bits in the 95020 dump which are responsible for those problems.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


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