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i have two peugeots

307 hatchback

car drives fantastic up to when the temperature goes up to about i think 100

then it shifts weird the rpm goes up to 6000and gears take long to change

i changed coolant and bled cooling system

used different oil, i also replaced the line pressure and torque valves in the tranny,

same thing !!

406 new model

the car was giving all sort of faults

as water go into it

so i thought the bsi had gone

so i took out a bsi from another working car and plugged it on

and my mileage jumped from 80000 to 136000

which was the mileage of the other car

now my 406 nm is the last run off with auto head lights rain sensor

white insturment needles, etc

can someone help me

get the mileage back down to the true mileage

i have in my possession a peugeot planet system

but no where on it can alter the mileage back


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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