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Hi everyone!

I have a P-307, 2002, 2.0 HDI XSI (79kW), and few days ago a problem with alarm has occurred. The problem is that when I turn on ignition key, after few seconds alarm light/led indicator on the dashboard starts to light permanently and it stays on until I switch the key to OFF position (I don't need to turn on the car, just the key to turn the "contact electricity on" and the alarm led/light goes on). Now, when I lock the car via key button the alarm led flashes as it should, but what I found out is that the alarm is actually not working, because I tried to open the car by key and opened the door and the alarm (siren) didn't go on, like it was before when I tried to do so.

Does anyone have the solution to this problem? I have tried to find it in forum but I have only discovered different problems related to alarm, not similar to this one.

I would really appreciate help.

Thanks in advance! :nod:

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