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Hi, I have a Peugeot 307 (2002) 2 litre petrol automatic. the problem I have is as follows.

On a cold start (first thing in the morning) the engine start fine, after approx 20 secs it then starts to chug as though it is running on 3 cylinders. If leaft idling the engine dashboard light comes on and an anti- pollution fault and catalytic convertor fault message are displayed on the info screen.

Once I begin driving and after approx 1 km the engine then starts to again run on 4 cylinders and no problem then occurs for the rest of the day until the next morning's cold start. Also after driving for a while the engine light resets and goes out and messages disappear and every thing is OK.

What i have tried so far - I have replaced the coil pack with an original Peugeot unit, I have replaced the 4 spark plugs. - this made no difference.

Next I had the car analysed by a Peugeot dealer and the error code states -

P0201, P0300 and P1336" ( the dealer had no idea why this was happening)

Knowing that the coil pack and spark plugs have been changed I suspected a fuel injector. To isolate this I swapped the injector units from cylinder 1 to cylinder 2 but the problem and error code still remains in cylinder (1), so I believe I have potentially eliminated the fuel injector.

When the car is missing I remove the injector wiring plug connector from cylinder (1) and no difference was noticed to how roughly the engine is running so I suspect that during the engine missing phase injector (1) is being disabled which equates to the P0201 code.

I have been told to suspect the wiring to injector (1) but feel if this is were the case why is the problem so predictable each cold start and not random and why does the engine start perfectly for that first 20 seconds before the missing sets in.

I have also run engine flush through the engine and changed the oil, all after this was fault was occurring, as I was told it could be potentially a sticky hydraulic lifter, however this did not recitiy the problem although it did improve the time the engine was missing and running on 3 cylinders.

I am running out of ideas, I have had the car to multiple peugeot mechanics and dealers and nobody appears to have a solution without charging me 100's of dollars with no outcome

Please does anyone reading this forum have any idea why this may be happeing and why the firing signal is being cut from injector (1) for the repeatable period after a cold start?

Is there anything in the engine management unit that would shut Cylinder (1) down until the engine warms up a little?

Thanks , I appreciate any feedback any and all advice and again thanks for reading about this problem.

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Hi, I know you posted this issue some time ago, but was wondering if you ever found the problem. On reading your symptoms, it is identical to what I am experiencing. When the car is warm, it runs a treat, cannot fault it. When it is cold it runs fine on initial start up and then starts to hunt for several minutes until warmed up or just drive away.

This morning was the first I have experienced the P0300 fault code. It ran with a slight miss or hunt for about 30 seconds and then got really rough, brought up the anti pollution warning on the dash followed by the catalytic converter fault.

I have been reading about the dreaded anti pollution fault and running rough on cold start on various Peugeot forums and I can't seem to find one thread where someone has fixed the issue.

I have learnt to live with the anti pollution fault coming on every fortnight as I believe this is being caused by the ports in the cylinder head being blocked. Have checked everything else in the system ( air pump, anti pollution inlet valve on head) and mechanically/ electronically all is working fine.

If you can help or anyone else who has solved the cold start issue give some advice it would be appreciated. Apologies for the long winded first post, but this issue is really getting to be one that I don't want to be defeated on.

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