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Hi all!
I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL! Lots of great info here regarding troubleshooting tips & tricks! :thumb:

I recently ran into som trouble, tought i could share the story for anyone with simmilar experiences/symptoms. I always like to keep the car maintained, and fix problems right away when they appear. I'm just a hobby mechanic, but with a little bit of research and commitment you probably will manage to find the fault/root cause and set it straight.

The car:
Peugeot 307, 1.6L 16v Petrol
Year: 2001
KM: 215000
Engine: TU5JP4 (DOHC)
Car been in my ownership since 2010.

The problem:
While driving uphill, -heavy engine load/high RPM, suddently engine power dropped dramatically and at the same time got shaking in the car. Display flashed "CATALYTIC CONVERTER FAULT", and "ANTI POLLUTION FAULT" and the engine lamp lit up. I had little tools to dig into it much where I was standing roadside in the middle of nowhere, but managed to check some basics. -The engine ran, and the car would start again after beeing stopped, but still with the same shaking and warning messages in display. I suspected the engine to only run on 3 of 4 cylinders. Pulled of the coilpack and the sparkplugs. The sparkplugs in Cylinder 1-2-3 were normal, but on cylinder 4 it was wet. With the help of a jumpstart cord and some helping hands i did a spark test of the coilpack. I had spark on all 4 sparkplugs.. Indicating that something serious wrong was going on inside the engine block. Decided to try limping my way back home anyway, even tough it was a 2 hour drive. -
Really not healthy for the catalytic converter, but took my chances.

Finding the fault:
So managed to get all the way back home, and the troubleshooting continued. I started with a compression test on each cylinder. Cylinder 1-2-3 was normal. Cylinder 4 had ZERO compression :( No compression - no fire.
Only one thing to do, -pull the head off the engine.

Cause of the problem: Carbon buildup and a burned exhaustvalve on Cylinder 4. -> It looked like this: //

Checked parts online, turned out to be quite cheap, so put down an order and decided to try ressurecting the old car. While waiting for the parts to arrive i had good time to do some serious cleaning of the head. I stripped it down, out with all 16 valves, camshafts, and everything. Spent quite many hours cleaning valves, valveseats, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, piston crowns and combustion chamber. After 215000km there was some serious layers of carbond buildup in the valveports. I noticed that quite many of the valvegaskets almost fell off its socket when pulling them out, they were hard as plastic, so they obviously did not do a proper sealing job anymore. I also lapped each valve/valveseat to fresh them up. When parts arrived i had it all clean and ready.

Replaced theese parts:
1 valve
All 16 valve gaskets
Gasket seals on intake manifold
Steel gasket on exhaust manifold
Steel headgasket
Coolant liquid

After rebuild the engine fired right up and was running smooth like never before. Took it for a test drive and the diiference in throttle response and engine power was bigger then i tought it would be - just the cleaning itself, letting the engine be able to breathe again, probably had a lot to do with it.

The "catalytic converter fault" message was gone, so hopefully the catalytic converter survived the 2 hour drive on 3-cylinders, but unfortunately the "anti pollution error" was still percistent and would not go away. I bought a cheap generic OBDII/EOBD reader and read out the error codes. It found 1 stored error: "P0300 Random / Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected". This was obviously from the break-down trip and running with a hole in one of the valves. But it did not automatically go away after the engine rebuild. So i deleted the stored errorcode, and the check engine-light and "Antipollution Fault" warning has not come back :thumb:

Anyone have knowledge about how these errorcodes work? Is it normal that some errorcodes have to be manually deleted to go away after the problem is fixed, while others go away automatically when the sensors picks up the correct reading?

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Normally what will happen is the ecu will do a self test after every start but after something major it needs to see 10 good starts before the light goes out again
Thanks reliable406! Good to know. I probably cleared the fault code before the engine had reached 10 starts after the rebuild. Still no new fault warnings so all is good.
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