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Hi, I just bought a Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol with 47,000 miles on the clock (51 reg). It sometimes takes a while to start; engine ticks over for maybe 7 or more seconds before starting. This happens when engine is warm/cold. Wasn't majorly bothered about this and then....
Driving home; loss of power in second gear so I put my foot down on the accelerator to try and get it to move...revs went up to 7000rpm AND STAYED at that even when foot was off accelerator. Luckily, was able to pull over and turned ignition off (as was still revving at 7000rpm when not in gear and accelerator off!). Turned ignition on again, still revving; turned off and on again and was ok.
Really not sure what the hell is going on with it; I have noticed some misfiring or loss of power in second gear (thought maybe the car was just a bit heavy but definitely losing power) and really need to get it fixed as I do a lot of motorway driving which I really cannot avoid and do not want it to happen to me again!! I have done 300 miles since I got the car and first time it has happened to me; ignition problems happened maybe 5 times and I am now too scared to drive it! lol
Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
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