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Hi, I noticed that when changing my air filter (removing a sizable pipe to reach it), that there was a thin lining of oil in the turbo and along the pipe leading to it. Another thread on here used an image of the same engine and its the only decent image I can find showing the full engine and turbo:
https :// www .peugeotforums. com/attachments/engine1-jpg.3289/

Here is a picture of my engine and you can see the oil where the piping connects. I forgot to grab a more decent picture, but I could get one if needed:
https :// imgur. com/a/Y8l6hgI

I recall it only being oily from the breather downwards into the turbo. Above it was fine.
Is this normal or should I get it checked out by a mechanic (not mechanically minded at all...).


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