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I've a Peugeot 207 Sport (2009 registration) which has gone into minor meltdown twice within the space of a week- each on the hottest days of the year. I've been driving along and the red warning triangle (with exclamation mark) lights up, it beeps, and the car then will drive only in 'limp home' mode - ie no faster than 45-50 miles per hour. The first time it happened an error message came up reading "Info -Faulty System Eng Man System". The second time I didn't notice what the message was, if any. On both occasions when I stopped the car the fan came on, I switched the engine off then on again, and all was fine. Today, I called my breakdown recovery out and the guy used his diagnostic tool to find two 'unknown error codes' 2102 and 3010. He didn't know what these meant! So I just drove home again, without hitch.

Does anyone please know what this means? I can't afford huge garage bills at the moment. The car was serviced about 6 weeks ago! It seems strange that on both occasions its been hot outside and the fan has come on when I've stopped, or maybe that's just a coincidence.

Any ideas, anyone? Thank you!
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