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I recently purchased a 207 SW and I only just found out the demister isn't working. I found some tracks with no continuity. You could physically see the top layer of the track was scratched so I carefully repaired them with conductive silver paint.

I then checked fuse 17 - 40amp and that was fine so that's as far as I got. Is there anything simple were I can do a check myself ?. The actual demister connection the the rear screen is housed under a sealed plate held with a torx screw and I am reluctant to start taking that off unless someone says so.

I have now found out that there was a problem as some point with the lights and a reputable company replaced the fuse box, will they have changed the engine compartment fuse box ?.

I emailed the company with the invoice number and the confirmed it was a light problem and traced back to a faulty fuse box so they replaced it.

I'm just wondering if there's more to it than meets the eye. I asked a auto locksmith company for a 2nd fully programmed key but they were unable to connect to the car. He tried boosting the battery as it had been stood a while but it still wouldn't connect.

If someone can please tell me a few basic ways to check the rear demister that would be great then I can at least eliminate something physical with the rear demister
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