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Peugeot 207 mp3 compatibility & speed limiter/cruise control.

I need some advice. I recently purchased a Peugeot 207 XR. The factory CD player is not mp3 compatible. :(

Does anyone know what options there are in making the CD player mp3 compatible (able to play mp3 cd's)?

Is it possible to change to a Peugeot factory CD player that is mp3 compatible and does anyone know how much this cost approx and do I just purchase it through a dealership to install?

If I change to an after market cd mp3 compatible unit, will the volume controls on my steering wheel still work?

Also, when I bought the car I did not opt for the speed limiter/cruise control, does anyone know if I can still get the genuine peugeot one installed after I have purchased the car and how I go about getting this done? Anyone know how much it costs approx??
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