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I love this car,, so nice

Does the ultimate hot hatch come from France? We think so.
by Justin Kaehler
July 11, 2006 - French car manufacturer Peugeot recently unveiled its new 207 Super 2000 hot hatch. Basically a "body-in-white" version of Peugeot's upcoming WRC vehicle, the 207 Super 2000 is basically the car we'd like to own. You all know that we really love hot hatches at IGN Cars, and it really doesn't get much hotter than the 207 Super 2000. This is a WRC-spec car, so it has been fitted with dozens of one-off parts and probably costs more than our house.

Those that follow the European auto market will remember the Peugeot 207 RCup Concept that made its debut at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show. The RCup was basically a sneak peek at the car Peugeot wanted to campaign in the Super 2000 rally class. The RCup is one of the coolest hatches we've ever seen, and just looking at it makes us want to move to France so that we can buy one.
The "production" Peugeot 207 Super 2000 isn't as pretty as the 207 RCup, but that's because it's an actual race car. The car's owners/sponsors are supposed to paint the car, meaning that the 207 Super 2000 can be as pretty or as ugly as the sponsors want it to be. That said, this car still looks pretty awesome in its "body-in-white" trim.

The Peugeot 207 Super 2000 comes powered by a highly-modified 2.0 liter inline four. In proper WRC fashion, this 280 horsepower/250 Nm (184 lb.-ft.) torque four-banger sends its power to all four wheels via a 6-speed sequential transmission. Three autolocking differentials (front, center and rear) are used so that each drive wheel (all four of 'em) has adequate power under all racing conditions. Remember, this car will likely see icy surfaces, gravel surfaces and tarmac surfaces -- all in the same race!

As this 207 Super 2000 will be seeing everything from dirt roads to tarmac to 30-foot jumps, a stock suspension just won't do. Peugeot equipped the 207 Super 2000 with pseudo MacPherson struts at all four corners, and all are equipped with WRC-spec Peugeot-designed dampers.

Wheel and brake sizes will vary depending on the surface of a given WRC stage. When racing down stages with loose surfaces (like gravel), the 207 Super GT will be equipped with 18-inch rims. When the 207 Super 2000 races on tarmac, it will be equipped smaller 15-inch wheels. All four wheels will have four-piston Brembo calipers at all times, and the rear discs will always be 300mm in diameter. The front brakes will also come equipped with 300mm discs when the 207 Super 2000 races on loose surface stages, but will get bigger 355mm discs on tarmac stages. Why do the wheels get smaller but the brakes get bigger on tarmac?

The cool thing about the 207 Super 2000 is that it will be made available to anyone that can afford it. If you've been thinking about buying that extra house, put that money on a Peugeot 207 Super 2000 and go rally racing instead -- rally racing is cooler than a house can ever be.
Unlike the bare-bones interior of the RCup and 207 Super 2000, the 207 GT actually has a very livable cockpit. Standard equipment includes 17-inch alloy rims, full power, dual-zone climate control, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, a panoramic glass roof and more.

Given the Pug's popularity in Europe, we'll venture to guess that the 207 GT will soon have a very healthy aftermarket (if it doesn't have one already). Given enough cash and time, we're sure you can build your very own 207 RCup replica without too much effort. The 207 GT goes on sale later this year for about $26,400 in Europe. Those with a bit more patience can hold out 'till an even more powerful 207 hits showrooms in '07.

As we all have to wait to drive one of these hatches (we'll likely never drive one unless IGN pays for us to go to Europe), we'll have to make-do by looking at some pictures of the various 207s. Click on our Media Page for more images of these race-bred Pugs!
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