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Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 2006
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Hi !

Well I have a problem where scrolling a knob to raise my headlights doesn't work. Now up on googling I saw people are changing some bulb in ashtray but that's on 307 model. So I don't know does anyone know fix for 207 ? Thanks

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I have attached the wiring diagram for the headlight height adjuster. It is a fairly simple circuit.
6600 headlight height controller
2610 and 2615 left and right headlight clusters
BSI1 BSI (dash fuse box)
MC37 common earth point for dashboard equipment
3V NR black 3 pin plug

The controller gets its power from fuse 14 in the BSI but if it had blown several other thing wouldn't be working. The most likely cause of the problem is a faulty controller or a bad connection at the plug 3V NR. I have attached a diagram showing its location.

The two headlight height control actuators are wired in parallel so one check you could do is unplug one cluster and see if the other works.

I found the video you referred to. It's for the facelift version of the 307. The headlight height adjustment is similar to the 207's except the 307's height adjusted control gets its power from the same point at the ashtray light. If the bulb had short circuited it would cut the power to the headlight height controller plus alarm button light and door locking button light. N.B. This circuit on the 307 uses current limiting rather than a fuse.


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