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I'm looking at upgrading my 206 hdi GTi which i must say handles very nicely and is fun to drive for a 207 hdi GT, having read the reviews they don't seem to handle as good as its predecessor and some say the GT badge should not be on the car. My question is has anyone had one and modified the suspension? If so what setup did you go for and how did it drive afterwards? The car will be used daily beating the streets - around 80 miles per day locally so I don't want to totally sacrifice comfort as it would probably make me ill. As for the performance I intend to buy one which has suffered the usual DPF/turbo problems and get a hybrid turbo and remap to the song of around a grand which I'm expecting to give me around 200bhp so this side of it should make the car worthy of the GT badge but only if the cars suspension will get the traction down successfully. (Bonus - as if be getting one with dpf/turbo problem I wouldn't be in it for more than what the car is actually worth. I know someone who once put a 2.0 turbo engine with Cossie pistons etc giving it around 470 bhp in a corsa which took years to build and when finished although he didn't admit it he just broke it and sold the engine, my view all along was why would anyone put that much power in a corsa as vauxhalls chassis are known not to get the power down without any silly mods. I don't want to make this mistake. Also can anyone point me in the right direction for a clutch upgrade capable of gettin around 200bhp down without being to harsh for everyday use, I don't want a clutch that is either off or on due to the type of driving i do with my job. The car will get used on motorway trips but stil needs to be used through the town daily.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated. - Mark

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