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Hello guys, new here and i need your opinion.
I've allways wanted a peugeot 207 rc, since i was a little kid :)
4 months ago i have got my driver license and i was looking for a 207rc 2007/2008 for ~4000euro.

Today i found a 207 gt 2010 with 90k km for 3900 euro.
The thing that bothers me is the bhp difference 156(gt) / 175(rc) and design (close mirrors when car is locked, rev and speed clocks they are white with redline at 6k on gt/on rc they are black with redline at 7k)

1. Can anyone explain me all the difference between 207 rc and gt? (Suspension, transmision, etc)

2. It is worth to buy the gt and invest money in upgrades(inter cooler, induction kit) or should i wait more for a rc to be on sale?

Thank you!!
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