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Got a peugeot 207 1.6 sport (56 plate). It's been running fine since I've had it these past 3 months. However, this past week it has gone into limp mode 3 times. It's easily resolved by turning the engine off and back on again.

It goes into limp mode when i accelerate from 60 to 70, sometimes from 70-75. It seems that it's as soon as I apply too much pressure to the accelerator it starts to hate life, if i don't press it too far or too the floor then its fine, but this makes overtaking a bit of a nightmare.

It states "engine management system" fault when this happens. I have a device that i've plugged in and it states (bare with me, im at work and do not have the device) something like "accelerator pedal sensor" or something like that.

Is this an easy fix? or is it costly? I've never had a peugeot before so i'm unsure of the issues and fix prices.
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