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Hi , would like to find some help on my car engine faulty error for Peugeot 207 1.6 Petrol sedan,

Symptoms like:
  1. Car Remote Control doesn't function, remote control battery still new.
  2. Engine Crank but not starting,-even using spare key to start the car still the same,
  3. Car battery is ok after checking.

    one month ago my car got a problem and kept showing warning signal- i just ignore and kept on driving, after checking from the Peugeot technician they said it was due to faulty of Engine Speed Sensor,
    through the driving my air conditioning start to warm up, and my fan is moving after i stop my car, after check on the air coolant level i found out the water coolant is empty, thus i add in normal water for temporary run.

    has put the car in Peugeot 4s center for a week but still could not recognize the main cause.

    base on above symptoms anyone can help on what actually going on with my car, why the car remote and engine couldn't function as normal?

    With many thanks.
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