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Peugeot's 207 CC has been restyled with exterior and interior styling changes, notably a new front treatment and a revised centre stack with more ergonomic controls for the aircon.

It's due in South Africa in the last quarter of 2009 but Peugeot SA has yet to decide which models will make it.

The nose of the car now has a "softer" one-piece design, increasing its family resemblance to the just-launched
308 CC with a redesigned grille, more use of body colour and new, circular foglights at the edges of the lower front panel to widen the look of the car

There's chromed trim around the grille and foglights and the tail lights are now LED units while the lower rear bumper is now body colour on all GT versions and Sport versions equipped with rear parking sensors.

The refreshed 207 CC will be available at launch in Europe in two trim levels – Sport and GT, with five-spoked 16" alloy rims on the Sport and two-tone, eight-spoked 17" on the GT.

The standard black side strips on the Sport can be replaced by body-coloured strips with chromed detailing as part of the optional Exclusive Pack.

There will be four interior trim options, two in fabric (plain black or a black-and-grey mix) and two with leather (black or pale grey). An "integral leather" option on the GT will add a leather-trimmed fascia panel, steering wheel and door panels

The centre stack has a redesigned automatic aircon control panel with new graphic and chromed details. The new rotary controls have a smoother operation so you can adjust the car's micro-climate without taking you eyes off the road.

A new feature on the manual models is a gear-shift indicator that reads the car's speed, revs and throttle position and illuminates either an "up" or "down" arrow in the odometer advising the driver when to change gear for the most economical driving.

The driver still has to change gears manually but the arrow stays lit until he or she does.


The 207 CC also now has the one-touch direction indicators first seen on the 308, which activate the indicator for three flashes – usually enough for a freeway lane change – with only light pressure on the stalk, which removes the risk of forgetting to switch off the indicators after a lane change.

The driver's window now has one-touch closing as well as opening – a big help at toll booths and car-park booms. For safety reasons it only works when the engine is running.

The radio/CD unit has Bluetooth connectivity and a connector box in the centre console with an audio jack and a USB port, enabling the driver to control a cell phone and personal musical device from the steering wheel.


The revised 207 CC will be available in Europe with a choice of three petrol or one diesel engine, each with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic gearbox – although it's not yet been decided which combinations will be released in South Africa

The two 1.6-litre VTi petrol engines have the same output - 90kW at 6000rpm and 163Nm at 4250 - but the Euro 5 version has been sanitised to only 150g/km of CO2 whereas the Euro 4 version coughs out 171g/km.

The turbocharged, 1.6-litre THP petrol engine is quoted at 112kW at 5800rpm and 245Nm at 1400rpm – also at a cost to the planet of 171 g/km.

The 1.6-litre HDi turbodiesel has a claimed output of 82kW at 4000rpm and 245Nm at 1750rpm but emits only 130g/km.

Anti-lock braking with electronic pressure distribution and emergency brake assist is standard with electronic stability control on the GT and a option on Sport models.

On THP150 and HDi 110 models the electronic stability includes a steering stability programme that applies torque to the steering when braking on surfaces with uneven grip on the left and right sides.

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I like peugeots myself mainly for the styling and engine (trim is crap), but do you not think you`re getting a bit carried away ASH or are you not telling us you`re maybe a "peugeot rep" or god forbid a "second hand car salesman".:confused:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice, although you'd think they'd solve the power loss/flat spot problems on the THP units before wasting time upping the spec. It's like giving the Titanic a quick lick of paint as she slips below the surface...
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