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Hi this is my first time using a forum so i am sorry if one has been created before.
i have purchased a peugeot 207 1.6 turbo 5fx engine code it has a engine management light on and the turbo i believe is not working had it scanned on a snap on machine the codes it came up with are: p0016 inlet cylinder reference sensor signal fault camshaft and crankshaft dephasing, p0597 controlled thermostat control open circuit, p0011 intake camshaft depasure coherence, p0299 turbo charging pressure regulation turbo charging pressure too low, p2191 mixture regulation mixture too weak, p0172 mixture regulation the mixture is too weak. the engine has a timing chain so i am not sure if it is related to chain or is it electrical so wanted to know if anyone can give some advice before i start spending anymore money on it as i am being told it could be vanos as it is supposedly a mini engine or it might be chain so i am very confused on where do i start so if anyone has had this issue or knows about this issue would be great help.

many thanks,
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