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Hello biys and girls,

So I am in the middle of a project to return the original VDO RD3-01 to my 206. The person I bought it from fortunately had the unit. The aftermarket unit is an 'el cheapo' chinese piece of garbage but bluetooth was working.

The installers though... did a completely botched up west african job.
Not even using insulation tape, but painters paper scotch tape.

All cables were cut, and this includes more cables loose than the 8 on type B plus 3 on type A that the manual states are used.
They were also able to botch the +12V, the memory +12V and antenna power to the same peugeot cable.

Basicly the stock VDO RD3-01 had only the ISO type B connector still attached to it. Going by the colours will be relatively easy.

However, the ISO type A connector is missing.
So i bought two brand new iso type a and B connectors. However the colours from ISO are different from the peugeot colours.
And it's here that I get lost.

Having more cut cables than the the total cables from the type A and B connectors, I am wondering if someone here can confirm me the following:

1) Do stock RD3 come connected only to types A and B, and do not use any of the mini iso connectors? (The manual only mentions the A and B and none of the mini iso connectors).
2) Where does it actually connect to the VAN?
3) could the "extra" cables be from a mini iso connector for the steering wheel controls?
4) I have bought a Yatour so I am planning to install it on the blue mini iso, and then going to PP2000 to do the multicd activation. In regards of wiring, does something needs to be spliced, or should it just be plug and play?
5) Can someone send me a colour wiring image, or a photo of your original peugeot cabling?

Last but not the least, is there a way to replace bulbs on the console screen?
(the left side of the screen is very very dim, and chaning the brightness on the dashboard does not bring it up). I have not yet opened it (need to figure out how), hence my question if it's worth playing around with it.
(also have no backlights on the whole aircon dials etc. I can assume it's one of the wires that is cut as per above?)

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Power connector on RD3 has 2 powers 1 earth and the can wires so 5 in total some have a couple more but 5 are all you need colours are a pain though as they vary with age and model there is no set standard you need to look at the numbers on the cables

Green and yellow are earths green on its own sometimes earth

Red blue and white nearly always power but not always :)

Black is rarely earth but can be occasionally its usually power !!!

As i say its hard to just go by wire colours as there is very little logic to what they use where !
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