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Hi all, I'm James I've had my 205 d turbo for a few years now. Thought I'd make a thread of the car so far.

I bought the car with 240k on the clock, good engine but was showing signs of general seals going at the crank and cam etc but did run well despite this. After a year of driving and clocking 250k now I decided to take the engine out and sort seals out but had a change of heart and went for a engine conversion instead.
So out with xud7te and in with an xud9te from a mates 405.
Once in, made a fuel system for wvo and started filtering veg for getting to bike races. It drove and went well to start with but got progressively worse , during that period took it for a rolling road and made 116bhp which was poor but was struggling on veg air issues were a constant battle.
I think it's got ring gumming. Not sure for deffinate. After many attempts with various fuel pumps threw the towel in for now.

Any way to cut time I bought a mates xud7td for 40quid, then had another change of heart and went and bought a Citroen xantia estate xud9te from south London was a right nail but soon had that engine out to swop.
The 'new' lol xantia engine now has the head off for porting maybe get the xud non turbo cam. Currently looking for the arp xud9te head bolts as I don't want the head lifting with a td04 being bolted on at a later date.


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