Mileage:200000 KM
Up for sale due to Doctor's Orders is my ripper little club car - a 1989 Peugeot 205GTi set up for club level motorsport competition.
I got the car from a young bloke in Sydney who had set it up as a "Street Car" (You'll see what I men when you see the car, but a long way back to factory). He tired of the project but in the meantime had paid for a lot to be done to the engine - forged pistons and conrods, HD Clutch, flowed head, engine balanced, extractors and tuned exhaust. That work alone cost him over $8 grand and resulted in a great, strong engine. It has the early gearbox and drum brakes but later body. I added a quaife diff, refurbed the rear, re-raised the front, aligned it properly with decent tyres and put it on the Victorian H - Plate system. Hence it is kept in serviced roadworthy condition and competes in Standard Production Class. And does well. Even does well against many tho not all of the 4X4 brigade on the Autocross track. (WhooHoo! isn't that good fun!! Chewie on your boot you Familia and Imprezza and WRX slewboats!)
So to summarise, it's set up so that I (and you) could compete in Autocross, Motorkhana, Hillclimb, Khanacross, Touring Road Events and some introductory level rallies without further mods, but also drive it home from the event or down the street as a second car if you need/wanted to. Not bad. Except now I can't. As I said Doctor's Orders. Ah well off it goes hopefully to a good home. It's been a winner for me, and a lot of fun, with lots' left in it.
It comes as is, ready to go, in roadworthy running condition on it's trailer, with it's Terratrip and Quaife Diff for $6,500.

Ian 0418518088
Ballarat Victoria