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Hi all, glad to have found this forum to share knowledge with other fans of Peugeots!

I have a Peugeot XS 1.6 from 1992 which is having problems with the blower. As you might know, there a black cable running from the back of the heater control panel. This cable is going to the front of the car where it, I think, controls air inlet from the outside. On my car, the plastic thingy this cable should be pulling is broken, and I'm afraid I can't fix it.

What I am wondering, is how the blower motor control really works. I somehow have the idea, the speed of the blower motor is actually determined by a variable resistance in the heater control panel, and the black cable is only for varying the amount of air taking from outside. However, turning the knob does not do anything. The blower only runs at full speed. This is very noisy and a bit annoying.

I was wondering if the speed of the blower motor is indeed determined by the small circuit board in the heater control panel, and that the heater control panel is busted, or is the speed actually determined by the black cable?

If the latter is the case, could I 'solve' the problem by adding a resistance to the blower motor so it doesn't blow full speed? In that way I still won't be able to control the speed, but at least it isn't so noisy anymore then. Or is the air flow actually measured and will the system just supply more current in order to have the motor turn faster?

Sorry for this long post, but I am really quite desperate!
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