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Hi guys,

So, just to say that I'm the huge fan of Peugeot cars :D, my father drove 105, 405, then I both 206, 307, 208, and I decided to buy a new Peugeot 2008 BlueHDI 1.6 100hp, 5 speed manual gear. Even with this problem I still love this car :).

Ok, so, 2 weeks after I both this car, I started to hear a crunching sound (sound like crunching small stones, something like that) when I release clutch, car is working, standing and gear is in neutral position. When I press the clutch, crunching sound disappears, and again when I release clutch, crunching sound is back. That sound was quite in the beginning, but today after almost 7 months later, that sound is louder and I can hear it inside the car. So currently there is no whistling in that crunching sound. When I'm driving the car there is no problems, except, from time to time, I have a problem to put the gear into the first speed, which is very rear, but it can happen in the city drive, many stop&go situations.

I went to the Peugeot few times in the past, but they are telling me that, that sound is a normal valid sound :), which I cannot believe, because I never heard it before on any other car. They are telling me that that sound comes from the gear, and that it is OK, and again it is the 5 speed manual gear. They even showed me on the other 2008 equal car, with 2km milerange, so it is a new car, that sound is present but again, sound is very quite.

Does anyone had/have the same problem? If yes, did you fix it, what is the solution, because, I cannot go to the other mechanic, and Peugeot wont fix it. I cannot go with reclamation, because they will, again show that new car as a proof that sound is normal :). I have mechanic in my family and they are telling me that, that is not normal. So any thoughts?
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