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Sooo i bought a 2008Active produced in March 23th 2017,and it comes with RCC unit BUT i saw that all models produced from March 2017 come with Android Auto enabled,when i connect my phone running android auto nothing happens only Media error like im trying to plug an empty usb.I flashed to the latest firmware which i have downloaded from using my vin.
HMI version:21.616.53.17.00
IMX version:x0101185_171122_16.1B116
V850 version:W2.1_16.1S723
Also when theres a problem with connecting a bluetooth device its says something like if the device was connected by Mirror link ..bbalablba.
which makes me believe that theres MirrorLink but idont have a compatible phone to test it.So what does this mean if u know how to check if my car supports AA using vin numbers pm me.If my car has that future disabled is it possible to enable it thru the obd2 port?
Im really want to get this done i will appreciate your help.
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