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I wonder if you guys can help me out.

I have a 2004 Peugeot 307 Envy with a 1.4 engine - I had a big problem yesterday.

Let me tell you about it:

My partner went down to ASDA yesterday and when she came out the car wouldn't start, later that evening i went down with some jump leads and jump started the car no problem, when i was driving home the temp gauge rocketed to danger level.

When i got home and switched the engine off the radiators were still running this is why the battery died, on inspection the water tank in the engine bay was completely empty - I then filled the water tank up to MAX and left it over night.

This morning the water tank is empty again and there is a big puddle on the floor, i have inspected the rad and it looks like its coming form the bottom right of the rad block - tiny drops.

Is there anyway i can fix this cheaply as I haven't got much spare cash around at the moment.

Any help would be great.



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I used Radweld on my 306 and it worked a treat! Only as a temporary measure though.
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