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Hi all,

Cutting a long story short, I intend to bring a 106 back to Australia after spending a couple of years in the UK.

I have been doing a lot of research and I am finding it hard to confirm which models do not have any airbags.

This is important because I plan to set the car up for the track, however, when brought into Australia a car must not have been modified in any way in relation to the airbags. If it has airbags, it must maintain the airbags.

I don't really care what model I buy initially with whatever features they have, the car will be stripped and I'll be fine to swap in a better engine as needed. It just must not have any airbags from factory.

So far I believe some of the 1.1 XSI models and some of the S2 Rallye had the option of airbags, can anyone please confirm other models.

Thanks heaps for your time.
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