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Hey all, I'm looking at buying the neighbours 106 which she no longer uses. I'm only buying it to work on during my time at college. (Studying Level 3 in Motor Vehicle Studies)

It's a Peugeot 106 1999 1.1 MK2 and it currently has a starting issue. At times, it refuses to start and I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on what to look at? Any common faults with these regards to starting? I've seen that in most cases, it's the immobiliser. The car is low mileage, done 66K and has a fairly good MOT history. Failed 4 times in the past 10 years. It has a rubbish service history unfortunately so first thing I will be doing is a service on it.

Also, it's red. The front end has faded quite a bit and its now pink. Any recommendations on what stuff I should use on it to restore it and protect with the machine?

Many thanks!

(I'm now starting to work on French cars, used to working on the German cars lol..)
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