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The problem with Peugeot 1007 "magic doors", suddenly one morning the car refused to operate electronic door driver's side.

The story follows:
One day the car was washed in automatic car washes and after then I manually wiped door edges / arcs . The next morning, the driver's side door does not open anymore , ie :
- Does not respond to remote control commands to open / close ;
- Does not respond to commands for opening the door handle ( door is electronically, must open when the door handle is turned a little ) ;
- Does not respond by pressing the cabin door open / close button.
Pressing the control button " to open / close the left door", only error beeps interior panel ( three times) and the door will not open / close properly. The passenger side door (right) works - responds to control commands and also an interior door handle or button door opening / closing .
I took the car to the Peugeot service at Latvia, Liepaja, "Lāde Ltd." in order to connect it to the computer. Service man said that the system indicates a fault in the door computer system ( the door has its own computer under the driver's seat ) and nothing. Allegedly checked the door closing and / or the tractor engine is running . To my question, is it possible door computer (ECU) system reboot/reset, service man answered – it is not possible.
I do not believe it , I believe, require only the hardware, software and expertise , which can be done instead to change all the part (door ECU) , the price of which is about 300 EUR.
In short, the driver's side door ( left) does not respond to remote and interior button and door handles commands, only panel computer beeps three times.
Doors closing physically by hand, mostly totally does not lead, remains a small slot between the door and the car frame, as the door pull engine do not attract them (as if so , that is not executed full door closing cycle of the system due to errors door on cars computer ) . But I have seen some peculiarities : locking the car ( imposing an alarm ) when the alarm is executed self-diagnosis cycle, by pressing the trunk release button, the driver's door pull engine closes door – takes 100% , that is , the door is closed or tightened to present to the end, as it should be .
Do you have any ideas and can help me? !

Thank you !

/sorry about my english/
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