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Afternoon all,

Hope everyone is having a good easter bank hol weekend.

So those that have been following will recall I picked up a 1.6VTi CC at the beginning of March for £400 and have been working on bringing it back up to scratch.

Overall things are going well; the car now has MOT, most of the faults it came to me with are now resolved and she's also had a thorough and much needed bath, including taking out the front seats and giving it a good scrub inside too.

However I am continuing to experience the P0011, P11A8 and P11A9 faults for inlet dephaser and both cam position sensors. I know much has been written about these previously - and I've been doing a lot of reading too - so please stick with me.

So far I've done (in order):
Replaced both cam sensors
Service (4 x iridium spark plugs, 5w30 C2 oil, oil filter, air filter)
Replaced both VVT solenoids
Replaced aux / accessory belt

After replacing the VVT solenoids and aux belt yesterday I took it for a good drive and it seemed to be running OK. This morning I drove to the petrol station then on to my parents house, about a 15 minute journey. Both journeys went OK however on the return home again the faults reappeared.

I've not reset any adaptive parameter memory or anything for any of the work I've done.

The only thing I'm aware of is that the alternator may be a little weak; at idle the battery is charging at 13.3v. To me this seems a little low. Could be something, could be nothing?

Not really sure what to investigate next for this fault? Should I be looking towards the timing being off? It doesn't sound 'rattily' or 'chainy' but I guess that doesn't mean it's in perfect time or not stretched.

Edit: to say the car is 56 reg (Feb 2007 car) with 85k on the clock, no known history of timing chain change.

Would welcome some thoughts and experiences of others!



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OK so figured I would post an update for the benefit of others suffering the same problem. The lack of response suggests it's possibly a bit of a difficult topic so I hope this helps someone.

So as I previously discussed I replaced both VVT solenoids and went for a trip to my parents house. I didn't reset any adaptive parameters nor did I disconnect the battery whilst I changed the solenoids, I simply swapped them, jumped in and drove off. I now believe this was a mistake.

After the codes returned I decided to run a calibration routine / reset the adaptive parameters available within my Wurth diagnostic software. I have planet, such adaptation may be available in planet but I am less experienced using that software, so I tend to use my Wurth Snooper first as it's what I find quicker and easier.

This certainly seemed to make a difference to engine sound and behavior. Initially the engine also suddenly 'used' a small amount of oil, maybe 5-8mm disappeared off the dipstick - I read this as confirming the old solenoids were either blocked or failed and that oil flow up to the VVT mechs has likely been in some part restored. Obviously this was topped off and oil level now remains stable.

I've since undertaken a number of journeys and covered around 60 miles with a mix of town and out of town driving, shorter and longer journeys and hot and cold starts. So far there has been no return of the engine lights, suggesting that recalibration is important when replacing the solenoids.

I'll hand the car over to the wife - aka destroyer of things - for a few days now and let her drive it. If the codes are going to return, she'll find them.
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