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OK, now I have a new problem - entering week 5 for the car being off the road :-(

Was working on fitting a new regulator when the motor stopped working. The regulator all repaired and reinstalled with the glass, everything was working great. The electric window was going up and down fine, but I would stop midway (almost as if it was confused as to where the upper/lower limits were). So, I removed the motor adjust the window right to the top, refitted the motor and since then the motor itself has stopped working completely.

I've looked at all the cabling to the motor, checked out the switch connectivity, checked the fuse, and tried using the other swtiches (one on the driver's door and the one in the middle). I knew it wouldn't be the fuse since this is shared with the other windows which are still working.

I removed the motor from the door to see if maybe the mechanism was jammed, but the mechanism is fine and the motor doesn't even attempt to turn when detatched from the door.

Maybe the motor unit has died completely?

Other than that, I can only think that there is a part of the loom damaged that I cannot see, but think this is unlikely.

Damn. Can has already been off the road 5 weeks whilst I waited for the new regulator parts so this is turning into a bit of an epic.
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